Automated Trading With External Signals

Automated Trading With External Signals is a groundbreaking product offered by Huddle, enabling users to trade on-chain using third-party external signals.
This innovative solution brings the power of customized strategies, previously limited to centralized exchanges, to the decentralized finance ecosystem.
For instance, users can create a strategy on Trading View that triggers actions such as buying, taking profit, or implementing a stop-loss order, and integrate it seamlessly with Huddle Swap.
As a result, users can automate their personalized strategy on-chain, expanding the possibilities of decentralized trading.
Currently, this product:
  1. 1.
    Integrates exclusively with Trading View, with plans to support additional platforms in the future.
  2. 2.
    Enables trigger buy orders, with upcoming enhancements to include take profit and stop-loss order triggers.
By offering Automated Trading With External Signals, Huddle is transforming the DeFi landscape, providing users with a versatile and powerful tool to execute their tailored investment strategies on-chain.
This product requires a certain level of expertise, as the user will need to know how to create or choose a proper strategy, implement it on Trading View, and integrate it with Huddle.